Ontology Partitioning Using E-Connections Revisited

Published in In Proc. 31st DL, vol. 2211 of CEUR, 2018

Recommended citation: S. Jongebloed and T. Schneider: Ontology Partitioning Using E-Connections Revisited. In Proc. 31st DL, vol. 2211 of CEUR, 2018.

Abstract. We revisit the technique for partitioning ontologies using E-connections introduced by Cuenca Grau et al. (2006). We extend the underlying notions of E-connections and partitionings to the latest OWL 2 ontology language, with the exception of the universal role, which cannot be accommodated for reasons that we explain. Besides presenting a simplified notation for the theoretical foundations, we devise a new algorithm for computing partitions which, in contrast to the original quadratic-time algorithm, can be implemented in linear time, is deterministic, and admits simple rigorous correctness and maximality proofs. We further discuss possible extensions beyond OWL.

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